Rig shopper

Rig Shopping bag

Especially designed for supermarket shopping in mind.

The funky bag is ideal for your groceries, but also great for the beach, picnic or out on the boat.

Each shopper is unique and indicates which yacht it came from and the type of sail it was.

It folds nicely, so it is easy to slip into your handbag, shopping basket or trolley.

The solid construction and super strong handles allow you to carry the heaviest of grocery loads.

The sail is cleaned to remove salt and dirt, but there may be scuffs and marks from years of adventure on the sea.

Make your supermarket shopping a breeze with a Rig bag, while showing your love of the sea and the environment!

Proudly designed and constructed in New Zealand.


  • Durable sailcloth, easy to wipe clean
  • Strong flat bottom, so items such as bottles stand upright
  • Elastic loop to hold bag together when folded
  • Sturdy webbing handles to hold the heaviest of loads


H320  W500 mm

Base 200 x 310 mm