Book Bags with a difference

Bookbag for school children made from durable, sturdy water-resistant fabric

Has your child's school book bag fallen apart after one term?  You will love AQ book bags!   Built from durable, sturdy, water resistant materials to protect your childs precious art work, reader and library book.   

School bags can get a bit mucky from lunch spills and the book bag has a hard life, but AQ book bags are easy to clean. Simply wipe down or rinse under the tap.  They are made to last and have been proven to stand the test of time.

Make life easy in the classroom and choose a unique book bag that will stand out from the crowd.  They are each limited addition, so it is unlikely there will be two the same in your childs class. 

Each bag has a clear name pocket on the front and comes with a piece of fabric where you can write your childs name, or better still get your child to create their own name label and pop it in the pocket.

Some are made from repurposed sails - a special gift for any budding sailor as a school book bag or maybe they need something to protect their sailing notes or Optimist sailing handbook.  

They are a great, practical gift for a five year old and team up well with the 'Skate' Swim Bag.

All AQ bags are handmade in New Zealand.


  • heavy duty materials either in sailcloth or a PVC backed fabric
  • industrial strength binding
  • velcro closure
  • clear pocket to insert name tag


H 340mm  W 310mm  To fit A4